Cell and tissue engineering

Cell and tissue engineering

Topic 1 : transplantation of haematopoietic stem cells

A variety of research is carried out on the transplantation of haematopoietic stem cells: procedures for the expansion or conservation of CD34+ cells, optimisation of immune restoration and the role of NK (natural killer) cells after transplantation and the induction and regulation of host vs graft interactions.

Topic 2 : labile blood products (LBP) of tomorrow

Research programmes on the production of red blood cells or platelets obtained from the culture of haematopoietic stem cells (HSC) are ongoing. 

Topic 3 : mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) and regenerative medicine

 EFS has made great efforts to structure and maintain its research activities relating to mesenchymal stem cells for their therapeutic potential (regenerative medicine), particularly in the field of cardiovascular disease, orthopedics and immunology. This topic is structured around the ECELLFrance network financed by the Investments for the Future programme (Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir, PIA). 

Topic 4 : immunotherapies and gene therapy

The various activities of EFS have enabled it over the years to acquire vast expertise in all stages of cell handling (sampling, preparation, qualification, conservation), as well as in cell engineering (culture, modification). Thus, EFS has become particularly invested in immunotherapy research, and is developing several approaches: dendritic cell-based vaccines, TILs (tumour infiltrating lymphocytes), CAR-T cells (chimeric antigen receptor T cells) or NK cells (natural killer) in particular for applications in oncology.