Within the context of the coronavirus epidemic, EFS contributes towards research efforts by participating in several studies aimed at a better understanding of the virus, such as Harmonicov.

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Project coordinated by Prof Michel Cogné (Rennes) of EFS Bretagne and involving the research team of Prof Karine Tarte (UMR U 1236), the SITI platform (immunological follow-up of advanced therapies), the Innovative biotechnologies platform (PFBI) and the Rennes CHU (teaching hospital).  
COVID-19 Flash call project funded by the National Research Agency (Agence nationale de la recherche - ANR).

•    The aim ? To understand and characterise immune deregulation in patients suffering from respiratory distress syndrome.
•    The principle ? To analyse the immune response of individuals suffering from COVID-19 and to identify biomarkers that differentiate those patients in whom the disease has a favourable outcome from those who will develop serious forms of the disease and require assisted ventilation. 
•    Status of the project : ongoing.

Contact : Efs-DirectionInnovations@efs.sante.fr