Within the context of the coronavirus epidemic, EFS contributes towards research efforts by participating in several studies aimed at a better understanding of the virus. 

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Project conducted by Prof Jacques Chiaroni (UMR 7268 in which EFS is involved).
COVID-19 Flash call project funded by the National Research Agency (Agence nationale de la recherche - ANR).

•    The aim ? To study the behaviour of donors within the context of the coronavirus epidemic. 
•    The principle ? Thanks to a socio-anthropological approach, this study aims to study the impact of hygiene measures on the behaviour of blood donors and the supply of blood products in times of crisis. Three separate but coordinated surveys, mobilising qualitative and quantitative methods, are used in order to: 
•    list “in vivo” the motives of donors;
•    collect and analyse global methods for appropriation of hygiene recommendations;
•    collect and analyse the motives behind donation in an epidemic situation.
The expected results are as follows: 
•    to understand the actual prevention conduct of populations and the possible risks linked to appropriation by the masses of healthcare directives;
•    to improve the implementation of “healthy” behaviours by considering the specific features of socio-economic, cultural, emotional and affective situations of populations;
•    to improve donation of blood and blood products in crucial situations where there is risk of shortages;
•    to propose food for thought as far as construction of elements of language and communication campaigns accompanying the implementation of preventative measures are concerned.

•    Status of the project : ongoing. 

Contact : Efs-DirectionInnovations@efs.sante.fr