Academic research is carried out in Joint Research Units (Unités mixtes de recherche - UMR) in partnership with scientific or technological public institutions (Inserm, CNRS), hospitals or universities. 

Certified research

Our 18 research teams conduct basic research* to increase knowledge and improve understanding of certain phenomena. Some studies progress to applied research*, directed towards a well-established aim, or clinical research*, with scientific studies conducted on humans. Our researchers thus contribute towards anticipating and preparing for the future, in particular the evolution of blood transfusion towards personalised medicine, with care adapted to the biological particularities of each patient (cell therapy, regenerative medicine and advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs)).
EFS allocates a global budget of 18 million euros (12 million of equity funds) to research. The research projects also benefit from co-financing from external bodies (French National Research Agency (ANR), European Union, etc.).